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Hawaii Car Rentals

Economy Car is a Kia Rio or something similar Economy Car
Jeep Wrangler may be a hard-top or a soft-topJeep Wrangler
Ford Mustang ConvertibleMustang Convertible

Prices are for 24 hours. Includes taxes and fees.

Doesn't include insurance but it's optional.

If you're 21-24 years old it costs a little bit more.

If you're in Hawaii now and would like to rent a vehicle, we have discounted rates on vehicles from the major car rental companies around the island. How does it work? You'll pay our lower rate for the vehicle, we issue you a voucher, and you take that voucher to the rental company along with your license and credit card and claim your vehicle. The rental company itself will ask you when you get the vehicle if you would like to add any optional insurance for an additional cost.

Prices vary from island to island, season to season, and sometimes even location to location (Waikiki vs. HNL Airport).

You can use the links below to reserve a car yourself with our pre-negotiated rates or call us and we may have even cheaper deals!

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  • Credit Card not required until pick-up
  • Reservations Guaranteed
  • No Cancellation Penalty


  • Credit Card not required until pick-up
  • Reservations Guaranteed
  • No Cancellation Penalty


  • Credit Card not required until pick-up
  • Reservations Guaranteed
  • No Cancellation Penalty

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Driver must be at least 21 years old with valid license and credit card.

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  • Credit Card not required until pick-up
  • Reservations Guaranteed
  • No Cancellation Penalty


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After you submit your rental request we will find the best deal for the vehicle class you have selected. In most cases we will send you an email with your confirmation details.
Same day rentals please call (808) 924-4474

The most convenient way to get around each island is by car. Cars can be picked up at the main airports of each island, as well as various other places throughout the island.

Like hotel rooms and flights, car rental prices fluctuate annually depending on availability. December 15 - 31 is officially high season, during which you can expect car rental prices to double (at least), but prices increase at other times of the year as well, such as the peak of summer (July).

When Global events happen here, you can expect cars to either double in price overnight or be totally sold out (just about every minivan or passenger van was sold out for at least a month and a half when RIMPAC was being held).

Frequently Asked Questions

What about insurance?
First and foremost, you would behoove yourself to check beforehand to see if you already have car rental insurance either through your regular car insurance, travel insurance, or even your credit card.

Purchasing extra car rental insurance is optional and must be done at the time you collect your vehicle. The cost will vary depending on which company a vehicle is rented through - but you can ballpark the full, cover-everything insurance at about $45/day (about $30/day to cover the rental car and about $15/day to cover any damage you do to anybody else without having to pay a deductible/excess). It's always a good idea to check your own insurance policy to see whether or not you're already covered (you usually are at least up to the value of your own car). Many credit cards also grant you insurance if you use them to pay for a car rental (most rewards cards do, just about every American Visa card does, American Express and Discover Cards).

Do cars come with a GPS?
You can rent a GPS along with your car for an additional fee - usually around $13 a day. GPS's also come in various languages. Do you really need one? Not really, but it makes getting around totally brainless.

What do I need to rent a car?
There are a few requirements you need to meet to be able to rent a car:

Hawaii State Law says that you absolutely, positively need to have your original, valid, government-issued driving license to rent a car. If you are international, the International License is not enough on its own to rent a vehicle. Sorry, not our call.

The car agencies that we work with require you to be at least 21 years old to rent a car, though there's an added per day fee if you are under 25 years old (usually $25/day, sorry, also not our call - there are exceptions for active military personnel).

You will also need to have a credit card or debit card. If you have a credit card, great, that's all you will need. If the card says "debit" anywhere on it, you will also need your flight itinerary that shows that you are leaving the state (they're looking for a confirmation number - you can even show them on your smartphone).

The license, credit card, and reservation must also all be made under the same name.

Is it going to be expensive to rent a car in Hawaii?
Well, it's all relative, really. Hawaii does have some of the highest car rental rates in the nation but it will usually be cheaper to rent a car than to stay in Waikiki or to go on a tour. Also, though car rates may seem exorbitant sometimes, rest assured you'll be getting the best deal available through Shaka Tours. :)

Is there free parking anywhere in Waikiki?
Sure there is. It's highly contested but it's out there. Check our Waikiki Parking Map for an idea of where to park your vehicle.