Island Guide


If you were to walk into Shaka Tours and ask us about the island, we would show you a map of the island (like the one above) and mark different things on that map (like the one above). If you were to ask us really specific things we might show you other stuff, but what’s on this map represents what we would tell anybody coming to the island.

We would typically suggest renting a car and taking a day to drive around the island at your leisure and take in the sites for yourself. The Circle Island route that so many tours follow is 120 miles and would only take 2.5 hours by car with no stoping nor traffic, but it usually takes people all day to do because there are many stops to be made. Besides any of the stops we’ve marked on our map, a good place to stop is anywhere you say to yourself “ooh so pretty!”

Read on for more information about Hawaii – but remember, for insurance purposes, we can’t actually recommend you do something so everything is at your own risk!