SPAM Musubi

Meat lovers take heed:  SPAM is delicious!

What is SPAM?  Its name comes from “SPiced hAM.”  It’s pork.  Don’t expect to get a more detailed answer; you probably wouldn’t want to know anyway.  (For the record:  Hot dogs are pretty gross, too; they spend part of their life as a meat slurry before being pumped into a casing).

SPAM first appeared in Hawaii during World War II – when it was harder to get fresh meat to the soldiers on the front lines – and it’s been around ever since.  Hawaii is one of the top consumers of SPAM in the world; McDonald’s even serves SPAM here as part of its “Big Breakfast”!  We love everything about the savory goodness that is SPAM (except for maybe the occasional hard mystery bit of whatever-it-is present in some cans), and have worked it into numerous island recipes.

Spam musubi and SPAM and our shaka sticker

Which brings us to the ubiquitous SPAM musubi.  You’ll find SPAM musubi (pronounced moo-sue-BEE; you’ll be outed as not from here if you say moo-SUE-bee) at grocery stores, gas stations, everywhere.  They’re the perfect snack after a surf session, soccer moms make them for after-game snacks; trust me, they’re everywhere.  The SPAM musubi is made of a slice of SPAM fried in a teriyaki sauce, on a compressed bed of rice, and wrapped with nori/seaweed (think “SPAM sushi”).

If I ever have friends from out of town visit who don’t want to try SPAM, I usually trick them into eating SPAM fried rice, and when they say “man this fried rice is awesome” I break the news to them, and they’re hooked.  SPAM really is delicious.  Check out the pictures below.  That’s right, double slices of SPAM in one musubi, SPAM fried rice SPAM musubi in the other.  And they’re DELICIOUS.  That’s how much we like SPAM.

Double spam musubi and spam fried rice musubi

Give it a try when you’re here.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.