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Waikiki Surf Lessons

Surf students surfing in Waikiki
Per Surfer
was: $66.43

Looking for things to do in Waikiki? Not sure what to do in Waikiki? Why not learn to surf? Waikiki is the best place to start learning to surf. One of our Waikiki surf lessons might just change your life forever.


  • Perfect waves year round
  • Warm and clean water
  • Certified, friendly, experienced, and insured instructors.


3 Times Daily


Waikiki, Oahu


1 hour or 2 hour Waikiki surf lessons.


8:00 am, 11:00 am 2:00 pm


Dependent on the duration of the lesson


All the ocean water you can drink! Just kidding, no food on this one.


Don't eat too much before surfing. A granola bar should do the trick, other foods tend to upset the stomach. Remember to stretch your neck, shoulders, arms and back! It'll help during and after surfing.


Don't blame us if you get hooked on surfing.

Learn the basics on shore before you go into the water


Waikiki surf lessons are suitable for beginners and intermediates because the waves offer a smooth long ride and there aren't any dangerous undertows, rip currents and riptides to battle (yes, they are different).

There are 3 types of Waikiki surf lessons: private, semi-private and group Waikiki surf lessons. Your selection will depend on the kind of surfing experience you're looking for.

Private Waikiki Surf Lessons

Private Waikiki surf lessons are good if you want the undivided attention of an experienced waikiki surf instructor. You will catch way more waves than surfers in the other lessons because you don't have to wait in line. Catching more waves means you will be better prepared when you go surf on your own.

Semi-Private Waikiki Surf Lessons

Semi-private Waikiki surf lessons are good for couples or pairs of friends who want to learn to surf among themselves. Surfing pairs will get an experience similar to the private Waikiki surf lessons, catch tons of waves and save some moolah. 2 person, minimum requirement.

Group Waikiki Surf Lessons

Group Waikiki surf lessons are good for those who are on a tighter budget and aren't confident enough to attempt surfing alone. It's also good for those who just want a photo to show off to folks back home. There may be up to 5 students per group, so there's a little more waiting involved.

Surfing is for everyone.
All Waikiki surf lessons include:
  • 15 minutes of land training
  • soft-top surfboards to prevent injury
  • booties to protect the soles of your feet
  • rashguards to avoid sunburn, abrasion and also to be more visible to instructors.
  • A friendly, experienced and certified surf instructor.
  • Photos and / or videos of your experience for an additional cost.
All Waikiki surf lessons will follow this lesson plan:

First 15 minutes (on land)

  • Surf instructors will conduct a safety briefing: what to do if you experience trouble, where to wait for your turn (group or semi-private) and what not to do.
  • They will show you how to position yourself on the board, how to paddle and how to "pop up". Not to worry, you will get a chance to practice before hitting the water.
  • Lastly, they'll introduce you to how the waves work and behave (most important!).

Rest of the lesson
  • Paddle out and catch the waves!
  • Whilst waiting for the waves, surf instructors will also correct your technique and give you some tips on style.
  • They will also be on hand to answer questions you may have and give you more insight into the world of surfing.
Enjoy a fine day on the water while learning to surf

Waikiki Surf Lessons

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