Tour Details


Kayak to Gilligan's Island and snorkel in the tropical reefs around it!

(Closed Sundays and Federal Holidays)

$135 per Adult

$115 per Child (4-12)




Any time you were looking at a far shot of an island in the TV show Gilligan's Island, you were looking at Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay.  The rest of the TV show was filmed at a studio so, sorry, there are no bunk-hammocks on Coconut island.

The tour begins on the windward coast of Oahu from He’eia State Park. There you will meet your skipper, brave and sure, who will be your guide and accompany you the entire way in an escort boat. You will paddle your kayaks from the docks of He’eia State Park through the barrier-reef-protected waters of Kaneohe Bay to the banks of Coconut Island. The island is currently owned by the State of Hawaii and is used as the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology facility. The island is off limit, except for the banks where you will land, but you may be able to see dolphins being trained at the facility.

From the banks of Coconut Island, snorkel around the patch reefs that border the island. The patch reefs are home to a diverse population of tropical marine animals. Rays, cuttlefish, sea turtles, schools of exotic fish and more make Kaneohe Bay their home. Your guide will point out cultural sites, such as the traditional Hawaiian fishpond at He’eia, as well as share some of the interesting history about the locations with you.

The rest of the three-hour tour will be spent snorkeling through the various patch reefs around Coconut Island, all of which possess a rich aquaculture teeming with marine life.

After snorkeling, you will return to the docks at He’eia State Park, where you can use their warm showers and facilities, as well as chow down on a Hawaiian BBQ lunch.

8:00am Pick-ups from Waikiki

9:00am Leave Heeia State Park on Kayak

12:00pm Return to Heeia State Park for BBQ lunch

1:00pm Bus leaves from Heeia State Park

2:00pm Return to Waikiki