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Paddle across the world renowned Kailua Bay and Lanikai Beach with trained naturalists that will guide you through turtle and tropical fish habitats. During this tour you will lunch on a secluded island, frolic in tide pools, discover a secret cove and perhaps even catch a wave on a kayak!

(Closed Sundays)

$150 per Adult

$105 per Child (<12)




Paddle across the world renowned Kailua Bay and Lanikai Beach with trained naturalists that will guide you through turtle and tropical fish habitats. During this tour you will lunch on a secluded island, frolic in tide pools, discover a secret cove and perhaps even catch a wave on a kayak!



  • •   Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Habitat
  • •   Includes roundtrip transportation from Waikiki hotels
  • •   Visit a secret cove and float in tidepools
  • •   Lunch at a secluded beach on an offshore islet



Your adventure begins by being picked up from Waikiki in a comfortable, air-conditioned van that will transport you to Kailua Beach.

Next, receive a kayaking lesson from an experienced staff member. Your guide will go over some basics to acclimate you to the kayak, as well as supply helpful hints to deal with any weather or marine conditions that may occur that day. Single and tandem kayaks are available.

After your kayaking orientation, launch off the shore of Kailua Beach into calm, reef-protected waters, and paddle through a marine ecosystem teeming with tropical fish, beautiful and unique coral formations, as well as an abundance of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. (Green Sea Turtles are an endangered species, so be sure to follow some general guidelines* to avoid any legal entanglements.)

Your route will take you past Popoi’a – otherwise known as ‘Flat Island’. Flat Island was once home to a fishing shrine, but that shrine was destroyed by a tsunami in 1946. Now, the islet is part of the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary program and a nesting ground for wedge-tailed shearwaters and Bulwer’s petrels, as well as a popular surf-break and picnic destination.
Continue on into the tranquil waters of Lanikai beach. The offshore reef keeps the waters of Lanikai beach calm, making it what is considered one of the best swimming beaches in the nation. The calm waters and healthy marine habitat attract not only green sea turtles in abundance, but tropical fish, swimmers, kayakers, and surfers alike.

Next kayak out to the Mokulua islets. Mokulua is Hawaiian for ‘Two Islands’ and includes Moku Nui (‘Big Island’) and Moku Iki (‘Little Island’). Both islets are part of the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary program and are nesting grounds for wedge-tailed shearwaters and Bulwer’s petrels. Moku Iki is completely off limits as well as the interior of Moku Nui, but there is a small white sand beach on Moku Nui which will serve as your landing point. The bird sanctuary fee that helps maintain the offshore islands is now included in the price of the guided tour.

An abundance of life can be found around the Mokulua islets, including tropical fish, green sea turtles, and although rare these days, Hawaiian Monk Seals as well. Like the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, the Hawaiian Monk Seal is an endangered species and protected by Federal Law as well, so be sure to follow the same guidelines* as you would for sea turtles.

Your guide will show you the hidden treasures that can be found on Moku Nui. Hike around the west side of the island over tide-pools and ancient lava tubes. Your guide will point out wildlife often overlooked, such as crabs, cowry shells, ‘opihi (limpets) and more. Climb around the windward facing side of the islet to a hidden cove where you can cliff jump 20 feet into the tropical cove below (not a good idea on a day with high surf).

Hike around the East side of Moku Nui and you will find secluded “Queen’s Bath”, a natural tide-pool deep enough to lounge in, with only a view of the vast Pacific Ocean and the gentle crashing of waves to keep you company.

Enjoy your picnic lunch on the small white sand beach before launching from Moku nui back to Lanikai beach. With the wind and surf at your back you may even catch a wave! Make the easy paddle through calm waters and beach your kayaks on the shore to go snorkeling in the wonderful waters of Lanikai beach. Marvel at the coral formations, go on a turtle safari, or just lounge on what is considered one of the best beaches in the nation.

Return to Kailua Beach to dock the kayaks – don’t forget to tip your hard-working guide – use the facilities, and enjoy your air-conditioned ride back to Waikiki through lush valleys and scenic mountains.





Kailua, Lanikai, Oahu



5 Hours on the water. About 8 Hours total with transportation.



Pickup from Waikiki around 7:30am. Arrive at beach at approximately 9am.



Full days end at 3pm. Half days end at noon. Return transportation arrives at Waikiki at approximately 4pm.



Picnic lunch included with tours. (Subway sandwich, drink, chips, and a soft cooler to hold all of it - you may bring your own food/drinks as well but no glass containers).



Don't want to take the guided tour? We sell the Kayak Adventure Package for $85 per person. It's basically the same thing as the guided tour but minus the guide (roundtrip transportation, kayak, lunch). There will also not be any seat backs or dry bags provided, but they can be rented for an additional charge. The Kayak Adventure Package also does not include snorkel gear but you can rent that for $10 more. You'd take the same transportation and everything, but once you get there you are basically on your own.

It is also possible to rent a kayak and drive it to the beach. Rentals are no longer permitted at the beach itself so you'll have to rent it in Kailua and bring it to the beach yourself.


A $5 Bird Sanctuary fee is collected from each person - a fund set in place to protect the offshore islets you land on and the endangered species that reside on them.

You will need to bring a credit card to leave a deposit for the gear you are going to use (in case you decide to paddle to Maui). Tip your guide if he goes above and beyond.

Bring reef-walkers to make walking on the lavarock/tidepools easier.


Get ready for 6 hours in the sun with no shade anywhere (unless you bring your own). This means bring waterproof sunscreen and re-apply every 2 hours to avoid being burned - even on a cloudy day the UV rays penetrate the clouds and can still burn you. You will still darken at least a shade if you wear sunscreen, but wear no sunscreen and you will surely get sun-burned. You've been warned!


*Viewing Guidelines

  • •   If you see sea turtles or Hawaiian Monk Seals out basking on the beach or in the water while snorkeling, admire them from a reasonable distance and do not alter their natural behavior.
  • •   Please do not attempt to touch, feed or harass sea turtles or Hawaiian Monk Seals.